Unique additive design capability

Additive manufacture and 3D printing: a manufacturing technique.

Our experience in additive design allows us to put additive manufacturing into context as a genuinely usable manufacturing technology that can be used to unlock previously unexplored areas of productivity and value generation for batch and volume production.

Additive design and 3D print services in global demand.

Additive design for manufacture demands a different approach  to take advantage of its true capabilities.

As an additive design consultancy with decades of experience of design and delivery of hundreds of successful additive design projects we understand when to use additive manufacturing and when not to. We can design for traditional processes as well as 3D printing, always driving projects to unlocking the potential in both to maximise value.

We can provide additive design support as part of an integrated team or end-to-end additive design services under dedicated projects, providing fundamental first-hand research through to concept design, 3D CAD, prototyping and production as well as the development and creation of completely new additive technology.

Additive design for manufacture is different than other manufacturing processes.

There are numerous advantages to using additive manufacture and additive design is not as straight forward as some other manufacturing processes due to the unique stages of post-production processing as well as it’s unique capabilities. Other areas in additive design to consider are CAD data quality, bleed, shrinkage, support structures, orientation, z-strength and finish to name a few.

The next generation of additive manufacturing.

For some customers the benefits of additive will present exceptional opportunities, but out-of-the-box technology can’t yet offer a solution. In these cases, our advanced additive design consultancy services bring the benefit of our unique expertise in machinery and system development where we will research, create and build custom additive manufacturing technology specifically to suit our customer’s requirements.

We have the capability to modify print files, create custom machine control and hardware and build fully functional test rigs before testing and refining their design and building bespoke manufacturing equipment. We develop technology from ground up and frequently work in collaborative as well as standalone additive design consultancy projects where we develop the technology and our customer takes ownership of the resulting intellectual property.