We are an additive manufacturing consultancy. We unlock the significant benefits of additive manufacturing and 3D print technology for manufacturers and businesses through our four core services.

What is 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing?

3D printing and additive manufacturing are commonly used in the same breath, so are they the same? The answer depends on how you use the technology. 3D printing commonly refers to low volume production using additive technology. Additive manufacturing commonly refers to the use of the same or similar technology for series or volume production of end use components.

Who we are

As an additive manufacturing and 3D printing consultancy we guide our customers into the additive manufacturing world to unlock maximum benefit from this revolutionary technology.

With a heritage in consultancy, additive design and manufacture we operate from a purpose-built facility in the heart of UK digital manufacturing at the advanced manufacturing park in Sheffield and are part of a 50-year-old subcontract manufacture and supply group with over 300 employees across four sites.