Design for 3D Printing

Unique design capability

Design, materials, software and hardware in perfect harmony.

Our experience in design for 3D printing allows us to use 3D printing as a genuinely usable manufacturing technology to unlock previously unexplored areas of productivity and value generation for one-off, batch, series and volume production components.

Design for 3D printing services in global demand.

Design for 3D printing demands a different approach to take advantage of its true capabilities.

With decades of experience in design and delivery of hundreds of successful 3D printed products and components we offer unique end-to-end fulfilment.

Along with traditional design skills we use tools like SolidWorks, Rhino 3D, Netfabb and more to turn concepts into high quality products and prototypes.

3D Printing is different to other manufacturing processes.

There are numerous advantages to using 3D printing and design for 3D printing is not as straight forward as some other manufacturing processes due to the unique stages of post-production processing as well as it’s unique capabilities. Other areas in design for 3D print to consider are CAD data quality, bleed, shrinkage, support structures, orientation, z-strength and finish to name a few. Addition has in depth knowledge, built up over hundreds of products, in how to design for 3D printing.

Designing for 3D print requires more than just 3D CAD.

3D printing relies on design, materials, software and hardware working in perfect harmony. If there is an imbalance in these important factors, the final product will fail. Through our experience in design and our knowledge in SLS, FDM, Binder Jetting, Material Jetting, DED, LOM and SLA techniques, we are able to create ground up designs which take advantage of each technique for the optimal outcome.

We have successfully delivered ground up designs for 3D printed end use products into medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, consumer, sports and packaging industries. So if it's simply a production sample prototype or a much more in depth consumer device with small to medium volumes (10s to 1000s of units per month) that needs developing, we can deliver for you.