Business focused 3D printing training

Can you afford to ignore 3D printing and additive manufacturing?

Our 3D printing training course offers an exceptional opportunity to investigate and find the right answer, by providing a hands-on experience, with no preaching and no sales pitches from impartial 3D printing design and research experts.

3D printing training built and delivered by experts.

3D printing is an exciting technology with broad appeal, but it is difficult to know how to assess the potential for your own business unless you understand the technology. To address this, we have developed a business focused 3d printing training course to provide a quick, impartial means to explore the opportunities.

This 1-day course has been developed for business decision makers with no experience of 3D printing and is designed to empower attendees and drive informed, practical decisions on the adoption of 3D printing technology. The course broadly follows a structured day which includes hands on demonstrations, activities and presentations, dispels the many myths and builds on the realistic capabilities of the technology.

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With courses held in the most convenient location for your business, our 3D printing training course is a high level, one-day course aimed at business decision makers and senior staff. Get in touch with us to book a place.


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What you can expect from the Addition 3D printing training course

Our one-day 3d printing training course covers such topics as the business values of 3D printing, what your business needs to make 3D printing work, an overview of different 3D printing processes/materials, advantages / disadvantages of different 3D printers and hands-on experience of different 3D printing technology.

The course is written and delivered by 3D printing experts who have unlocked significant value for customers already. Most sessions are held at our premises in Sheffield, but we also deliver in a number of locations in the UK. We can also create tailored course content should a more bespoke course be required.