Additive Manufacture Auditing & Consultancy

Start in the right direction.

It’s not easy to understand how to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing so our additive manufacturing consultancy services are designed not just to show you but to prove it too.

Additive Manufacturing Audits

We have a unique understanding of both traditional manufacturing and additive manufacturing as well as the wealth of opportunities in between. Our three stage additive manufacturing audit service (AM Audit) is a unique service that will demonstrate where returns on investment in additive technology will be delivered.


Additive Manufacturing Audit

The three stages of our AM Audits


Our additive manufacturing services are cost effective, taking advantage of our understanding of  current and additive manufacturing processes.


In some regions our AM Audits are also eligible for funding. Find out more here.

Pragmatic, services, delivered to generate value.

We understand that businesses won’t use additive technology without good reason because just being an exciting technology is rarely enough to deliver a return on investment. All of our additive manufacturing consultancy services actively identify tangible benefits.

Our Experience

Our additive manufacturing consultancy audits benefit from over 20 years of experience. We understand manufacturing and we're quick to identify critical issues which additive technology can solve. We've built our own in-house additive audits to ensure our site visits are effective.

We work closely with our customers to understand their business. We look to build long term, trusting and sustainable relationships with all of our customers and we won’t recommend a plan that is unlikely to see a return.