Addition Become Members of MAKE UK, the Manufacturer’s Organisation

With 20,000 members throughout the UK representing around 3m people employed in the manufacturing industry, MAKE UK stimulates success for manufacturing businesses, helping them to meet their objectives and goals. The organisation empowers individuals and inspires the next generation.

Addition works with manufacturers to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing through additive audits, 3D print training, globally in demand design services and production/supply of additive manufactured components so joining MAKE UK is a natural step as Addition compliments the core values of the organisation’s wealth of knowledge as well as manufacturing partners to share knowledge and resources to benefit all.

“The UK has a rich and vibrant manufacturing industry and is one of the world’s largest manufacturing nations. To bring the benefits of additive to the UK’s manufacturing sector we need to engage effectively and MAKE UK’s regular events and network is a one of the strongest ways to achieve this; we’re looking forward to getting stuck in!” – Tom Fripp, Addition

Keep an eye out for Addition in upcoming local and national Make UK events and get in touch to find out how Addition helps manufacturers to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing where we help our customers to save money, reduce waste and increase profits.